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Expert World of Warcraft Guides

If you play World of Warcraft, even on a semi-regular basis, you have the experience of hitting a roadblock in the game—a point where, no matter what you do, you cannot progress. Either, you’ve been playing for hours, even days, and you are stuck trying to level up, are trying to start a new profession and can’t figure out how, or you are brand new to the game and you are not sure even where to start. You’ve scoured the internet for World of Warcraft guides and walkthroughs, but you cannot find what you are looking for. Well, the search is over.

Whatever WoW skill you are trying to improve, you can find a guide here that will make it simpler and faster than ever. Whether you are a just starting out, or have already collected plenty of professions and skills and are looking for more, these guides will help you find your way through World of Warcraft.

Note: these are not cheats—these are guides. This website provides comprehensive WoW guides to help you progress fairly in the game. After all, what’s the point of playing the game if you’re not going to really play the game?

Gathering Guides

When you decide to learn a gathering profession, you will be harvesting resources from the game. These resources can sometimes be used on their own, but it is more likely that you will use them in conjunction with a production profession. Of course, you can sell these items in the auction house. Players who choose not to have a gathering profession are often reliant on gathering players for the supplies they need. Gathering players are also fairly reliant on other professions for gold and for the actual production of whatever items they may need, especially in the case that you as a player have developed two gathering professions, and no production professions.

The gathering guides we have compiled here will show you how to quickly and easily level up skinning, mining, and herbalism skills. They are laid out by level, so whether you are starting from scratch, or wanting to quickly progress to higher levels, this guide makes it possible, without making you trudge through information you won’t find useful.

Production Guides

Production (or crafting) professions use the raw ingredients collected by the gatherers to make items. In general, items are immediately useful to the players in the game, but some advanced items need more than one layer of production. These items and recipes are usually designed to help your character level up. Crafters who reach a high level in the game can create specialty items, which enhance their abilities and are highly desirable in the auction house.

Expert World of Warcraft Guides has walkthroughs for every profession from blacksmithing to alchemy, all designed to help you achieve at least level 450 as quickly as possible. Each specific production profession guide also provides you with recommendation as to which professions to pair together in order to help you create the most effective character.


As a bonus, this website includes reviews of World of Warcraft products, detailing which you should buy, and which should be steered clear of. Just like in a sport, having the best equipment is often the thing that puts you ahead of other players. It may not be the most essential part of the game, but it is a great help. There are even reviews of other guides, so players can find out which are going to be worthwhile, before they put out the money for them.

A lot of publishing companies these days are putting out World of Warcraft guides, trying to get gamers to pay high prices just for a little bit of advancement in the game. Don’t be fooled by these big name companies. Their guides are rarely written by someone who actually playing World of Warcraft. This makes their guides absolutely useless. You don’t want to pay for rewrites of Blizzard’s own guides.

Instead of making you expend the money, Expert WoW Guides has already done the dirty work, bought the guide, tried out the methods, walkthroughs, and written guides, and given an honest review of whether or not the review is worth your money. Some are, some aren’t. Just keep in mind that all great guides are going to be updated with every new expansion and evolution of the game. Guides from 1995 are probably going to be next to useless for the new update of the game.

Secondary Profession Guides

Though you can only have two primary professions, you can have as many secondary professions as you want and have resources to develop. Secondary professions include archaeology, cooking, first aid, and fishing, all of which make your character more independent from other players, and more of an asset to other players. Cooking, for example, frees you from having to buy food, and also, when developed, can allow you to heal yourself when you are wounded. First aid, especially for non-magical characters, if a must, as you can heal yourself, even by non-magical means.

Why Expert World of Warcraft Guides?

Because it has never been easier to achieve the levels you want and need in order to be an effective WoW player. Starting out is fun, you get to learn as you go, and you have unlimited possibilities. But as you become a more serious player, you are going to want to be able to really check out all the opportunities the massive game has to offer. In order to do this, you are going to need a certain level of proficiency. You are going to need the skills that make you an asset to other players, and not just another noob running around.

These guides are designed to help you build your level status, gain skills, and just become a better player. Whether you are starting from scratch, or are just frustrated with how long it takes to level up, these guides can improve your gameplay experience.

I update the guides for every patch and expansion pack, so everything is current. Happy WoWing!


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